Luxury Holiday Accommodation in Edinburgh’s New Town

The New Town of Edinburgh is elegant and sophisticated - rows upon rows of easy-on-the-eyes Georgian buildings with black wrought iron railings, cobbled roads and sandstone facades. Staying in this area of town means you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere while being close to the heart of the city.

History of the New Town

Edinburgh’s New Town is not actually all that new - in fact it dates back to the 18th Century. During this period the old medieval centre of Edinburgh was becoming overcrowded so the New Town was built to accommodate more people.
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The new construction was so beautiful that it was referred to as a masterpiece of city planning and described as “The Scottish Enlightenment in Stone.” Edinburgh residents moved from the cramped medieval Old Town into the beautiful new spacious and stylish homes. To this day the New Town is the largest Georgian city area in the world and it is a shining example of the understated grandeur of this architectural style.

Reasons to Stay in Edinburgh’s New Town

• You’ll be within close walking distance from a number of the best cultural attractions in the city, including the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Scottish Academy and the National Gallery of Scotland.
• The New Town is also the best part of the city for shopping. On Princes Street you will find many of your favourite chain brands and high street stores.
• You’ll also find a great selection of dining options in the New Town, including the delicious fresh seafood at Cafe St. Honre and the spicy cuisine at ThaiPahThaiPod, cooked by chefs who once catered for the Thai Royal Family.
• The nightlife in the New Town is excellent - on Broughton Street, George Street, Young Street and Thistle Street you’ll find plenty of interesting pubs and bars.
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