Terms & Conditions HHE
Holiday Home Edinburgh – referred to within these T&C’s as HHE
• By viewing our site the user is deemed to consent to all our terms and conditions below.
• Holiday Home Office Ltd trading name of HHE reserves the right to change, alter, vary, amend, add or remove any of the terms below.
• Changes to the terms will be posted on this page
This page was last updated on 17/01/2017
HHE acts as an affiliate to booking.com
Booking.com negotiates the conclusion of contracts for your holiday home or Accommodation, transfers, tours and rental cars between the customer and the Property Owner/ Tour Company/ Transfer company/ Car Hire Company, respectfully. Throughout the complete process HHE is only intermediary representative and never the actual property owner or agent.
• All bookings are placed directly with booking.com on their secure server pages.
• Guests are obliged on receipt of confirmation from booking.com to check whether it is accurate. Should there be any discrepancy or error you must inform booking.com or the service provider. This information should be given within 3 days after receipt of confirmation. Late notifications of incorrect details may not be considered and they will not enable the customer to withdraw from the contract.
• Each booking is made on the basis of the description and photographs of each property on the internet.

Payment / Travel document
Please take note of our payment terms, which will be found in the respective offer description.
• All payments are made directly to booking.com
• Any issues arising will be dealt directly with booking.com
Cancellation/ Rebooking
• Cancellations should be made directly with booking.com
• All terms and conditions will be held with booking.com
Enquiries are subject to confirmation and price alterations until they are confirmed bookings.
Advice on passport, visa, currency and health issues
• Each guest is responsible for his / her own adherence with existing foreign rules on departure, health and entry requirements plus visa and passport regulations.
We recommend our guests take out travel cancellation and health insurance.
Customer Complaints
• Should you experience any difficulties during your stay or have problems finding the accommodation, or the accommodation is not in proper order please immediately contact the property host whose details you will have received from booking.com.
• After your holiday (please note the statutory periods) you may send booking.com a further complaint in writing and they will intermediate between the guest and the host. In the case you did not notify the host of possible problems / issues or defects immediately whilst in resort then they do not necessarily have to consider your written complaint.